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What is Software (or UAT) Testing?


A person who does UAT or software testing is someone that takes a new proposed computer software program through its paces. The aim is to find glitches or errors that lessen the program’s usefulness and ultimately the user’s satisfaction. In the tests that are performed, the main purpose is quality control. The tester has to duplicate what a common user would behave like along with any unusual activity that might occur on the odd occasion. The software tester’s main role is to find any weaknesses in the software program that could result in a bad experience for a user or totally crash the program. They are usually asked to suggest any improvements or for some modifications they think could benefit the software that the original programmers may have overlooked. While creating the code for a software product that can be easily overlooked.


User software usually has two sets of instructions. The first is the software that lets a computer user balance budgets, write letters, or create business presentations. To do this, it requires a set of instructions, or in this case, a program. What the program users see, which is called the interface, is different from the program that the computer reads to perform the tasks that the software is designed to complete. That is why each piece of software must also speak to the computer’s operating system. It also needs to access resources that it controls.


What is Software (or UAT) Testing?The codes are combined for each of these instructions. This creates a piece of software. While the software programs are being developed, a person testing software will verify that all the codes and instructions for the computer and the user are working as the coders intended. People who perform these jobs, have to have a good and sound knowledge of how computers work and understand how people will use the particular software that they are testing.



Software testers skill set usually include attention to detail and the ability to analyse information laterally. Also important are the skills of logical thinking and the capacity to learn extremely quickly. Another skill that is helpful is some sort of programming experience. If they have this skill, it can give the software tester a good insight into the probable causes of any software errors that they might encounter. Another key skill any software tester must possess is exceptional organizational skills and to be extremely detail-oriented so they can document all software processes.

Why Testing is Important

This short video gives you a further idea as to why testing software is important before it gets released to the general public.