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Fitbit, Altering Tempo, Introduces Software Application at Hardware Program


At the world’s largest technology hardware confab,  the biggest brands are focusing on software this year. Fitbit today revealed software updates and brand-new app features for its fitness trackers and smartwatch at CES, the Customer Electronics Show, betting that an experience connecting users to each other will keep more of them returning. The pivoting that led Fitbit to unveil a software application marks a departure from gadgets, which struggled in 2015 to draw new users and the personal trainer market. Fitbit has normally released multiple brand-new products at CES in the past.

James Park, chief executive of Fitbit, stated, “Software is taking a much greater importance for the hardware category.” To keep consumers engaged with a business like Fitbit,“hardware is important, but the software is where a lot of the magic will happen.” Fitbit’s concentration on software shows the problem hardware makers deal with in constantly establishing brand-new products. Tesla Motors, which established its self in 2003 as an electrical cars and truck business, has actually committed more resources recently to technology such as expert systems, which helps power its self-driving software applications.

Apple decreased its conventional speed of presenting a redesign of its iPhone every two years when it released the iPhone 7 last year with minor updates to the previous design. Last year, Fitbit introduced its first smartwatch, the Blaze, at CES. In 2015, Fitbit began offering its Charge HR and Rise fitness trackers at the tech event, and 4 years ago it displayed its Flex activity tracker. Fitbit’s software launches attempt to deal with one of the greatest challenges makers of wearable tech face: how to keep users engaged.

About 30 per cent of individuals in the United States, UK, and Australia who had bought and worn a fitness tracker at least once no longer utilize the gadget, according to a study last summer by marketing research company Gartner Inc. Fitbit is now hoping software application can help make the experience more sticky. On Thursday, it revealed the development of a brand-new community section and customised goal-setting in the app that pairs with its fitness trackers. When the app upgrade is offered in the next few months, the community section will consist of a social feed where users can publish exercise summaries, virtual badges, and pictures, in addition to a place to find exercises led by trainers in their area.

Users with several pals on the app take 700 more steps a day on average than users with no good friends on the platform, Fitbit stated. “The people who are more social are clearly taking more steps,” stated Chris Mahoney, Fitbit’s director of item marketing, software application, and services. Fitbit wouldn’t comment on whether users with more friends on the app stick around longer or whether being involved in personal training increases the duration of use.

The business likewise revealed software application updates to its Fitstar personal fitness instructor app; integrating it with its trackers to take into consideration a user’s activity when it recommends an exercise. Additionally, new software application functions were introduced for its smartwatch, that includes breathing workouts and a cardio measurer.

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