Who are we

We are a Team of computers hardware and internet guru, we are like to write science and technology news and Useful Tips on Internet.

In the past, we’re mainly focus on computers hardware, but Now the computer is replacing by the mobile device,  So at now, we are going to focus on the mobile! The hardware is not like the used to, so we re-design the hardwaresite.net to begin to share the all useful stuff about the Technology, Internet, mobile device,  APP, software and hardware.


What’s we can help You

If computers really terrify you, you worry about utilising them or if you have heard terrifying things about the web, It does not matter – we’re right here to assist!

For any individual wishing to come to grips with the Web and Email, ensuring you remain safe. You don’t need to understand anything about the Web or E-mail to use this website.

We will begin with how to access the Internet and established an E-mail account and will certainly reveal you how to discover, save, copy and print information and images.

When you get going, you’ll be shocked how simple it is, so why not browse through this site now and see how simple all things that are computers and internet truly are.


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