Simple Steps You Can Do for Building A Website With HTML and CSS

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Have you ever tried building a website with HTML and CSS? Nowadays, there are so many people who want to know the steps for building website using HTML and CSS.

Actually, building a website is not difficult as long as you can do every step perfectly. You have to know about HTML and CSS first to make you easy when building a website. Let’s try building a website by reading some information below.

How to Make a Website Using HTML

When we want to build a website with HTML, we have to be patient because some steps may make us confuse. Not only that, we have to practice until we can build it perfectly. Talking about website, we know that website consists of various elements such as heading and sub heading. Actually, building website page is not difficult if you want to try it. Here are some steps you can follow:

1. Open notepad tool. You can find it in your PC. But if notepad has not been installed in your PC, you can download it for making website with HTML.

2. If you are confused to search notepad tool in your PC, you can click Windows button and Files, and type notepad++.

3. After notepad++ has been opened, type HTML script on your HTML. If you won’t to type, you can copy paste it.

4. After copying HTML script, save it. Just click file, and choose save.

5. Save file with “index.html”

6. Note the column below file name. You can find Save as Type. Choose All File, and choose the file which has “.html”

7. The last step is running the program in web browser. For your recommendation, you can use Mozilla Firefox. Click run menu, and choose “Lunch in Firefox”. And finally, your website has been built.

Designing A Website Using CSS

We have known the steps for building a website with HTML. Next, what is CSS?

CSS (Cascading Style Sheet) is a style sheet language for controlling display format of website page which is written using markup language. If HTML is used for making simple display of website, CSS is used for making the display of website looks more complex and has style. Actually, using CSS is easy. You just need to write the style (selector id and class should be suitable), and then CSS will automatically work on your web.

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